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More on Presbyterian Resolutions...

For Thursday's New York Sun, I wrote a story about Presbyterian responses to the passing of a resolution calling for some divestment from companies doing business in or with Israel. There wasn't any space to write about another resolution that's created a lot of discussion, regarding the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s funding of Messianic Jewish congregations as missionary tools.
There was some disagreement on this resolution among Presbyterians I asked about it. A quick rundown:
- Pastor Walter Tennyson of PCUSA's Broadway Presbyterian Church supports the divestment resolution but is against Messianic Jewish funding;
- Pastor Sam Andreadis of the PCA's Village Church supports both the divestment and Messianic Jewish funding, while the PCA's news officer, Dr. Dominic Aquila, rejects divestment but is in agreement on Messianic Jewish funding;
- The Rev. Gregg Meister of Interlink Media, a PCUSA-ordained minister, is against both divestment and Messianic Jewish funding.
However, by far the most interesting example of a divided viewpoint is that coming from the controversial Messianic Jewish congregation itself, Congregation Avodat Yisrael. Their spiritual leader, Andrew Sparks, authored an essay decrying divestment. So on a matter of significant disagreement among Presbyterians, a man whose legitimacy is a matter of significant disagreement among Presbyterians, comes out in favor of the perspective more likely to be held by those against his legitimacy. Of course, the interesting question to be raised is whether he really believes this, or is just saying it for the purposes of missionizing. Hmmm...
Meanwhile, Presbyterians Concerned About Jewish Christian Relations, who sent out a release on Wednesday night decrying the divestment, have a familiar face vis a vis both Congregation Avodat Yisrael and the blogosphere. Cynthia A. Jarvis of the Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church has been fighting with Congregation Avodat Yisrael and is the sister of Jeff Jarvis, as has been noted earlier.

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I'd assume that Sparks' POV reflects those of his supporters. In all likelihood, liberal members would support divestment, conservative members his church, and there's enough overlap so both could pass. You only give four people here- hardly a good sample.

Posted by: Nachum Lamm | Aug 18, 2004 9:50:37 AM