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McGreevey: The Religious Angle

1) Excommunicated Catholic, for his divorce.
2) Very close to the Jewish Orthodox Union and its kosher certification executive, Rabbi Menachem Genack. Spoke at the organization's annual dinner a couple of months ago. The O.U. has vigorously, vocally and repeatedly opposed gay marriage.
3) Lots of God talk in his speech.
4) His speech seemed reminiscent of that given by the character Charlie at the end of Tom Wolfe's "A Man in Full," which in the book was the result of an education in Stoicism and loyalty to Zoroastrianism. I could be wrong, but need to see the book again to determine.

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Add to that...

- Golan, the Israeli improperly put on payroll who is apparently about to sue for harassment

- Kushner, the fundraiser, who is said to have hired Golan. Kushner is already charged with arranging prostitutes for enemies

Posted by: Reb Yudel | Aug 12, 2004 3:44:54 PM

I don't think it was anything like Charlie's speech. Charlie was not admitting any misdeeds of his own, but exposing those of others.

Posted by: Nachum Lamm | Aug 13, 2004 5:30:39 AM

Every politicien has speach writers, and will say to every group what they want to hear. there is abselutly no conction to the OU because of such a speach.

Posted by: Avi | Aug 13, 2004 5:40:41 AM

Jonathan Rauch had an interesting OpEd on the McGreevey thing and its relation to the current gay-marriage flap - that when one becomes gay, one is condemned never to have a proper marriage, which our culture proclaims the pinnacle of love-relationships. Either one cannot marry as a homosexual, or one marries a MOTOS and is all but forced into adultery/promiscuity/deception.

Posted by: thanbo | Aug 16, 2004 1:04:57 PM